10 of Those, Leland, England*

10ofthose is a Book Ministry that hand picks the best books from across the Publishers; ensures that they hold to the Bible; and then discounts them so that more can go out. We then use our profits to support missions around the world.

Our resources are carefully chosen to ensure that they point to the Lord Jesus. We are passionate about what we recommend because we know that as books point to Jesus, they can totally change a life. We have experienced that in our own lives, and we want you to discover that in yours too!

Unit C, Tomlinson Road, Leland, Lancashire, PR25 2DY

Telephone: 03302 233423
Email: info@10ofthose.com
Website: www.10ofthose.com
Twitter: @10ofthose
Instagram: @10ofthose
Facebook: @10ofthose


10 of Those, Leland
10 of Those, Leland

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