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Swords v. Cthulhu
Book Review

Swords v Cthulhu

ed Carrie Vaughn. Pelgrane Press. (368p) ISBN 9781908983091 As a lover of both a good swashbuckle and the Cthulhu mythos I was immediately pulled to Swords v. Cthulhu when I saw it. One of my favourites was ‘Red Sails, Dark Moon’ by Andrew S. Fuller, Lovecraft and pirates meet in a wonderful tale of derring …

Monthly Review

October 2019 Roundup

This has been a good month for my reading, several books and quite a few of them were four-star or above. Started doing some research for my art and photography once more so there will be more art and photography books being added over the next few months.   The Secret Network of Nature by …

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