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Monthly Review

October 2019 Roundup

This has been a good month for my reading, several books and quite a few of them were four-star or above. Started doing some research for my art and photography once more so there will be more art and photography books being added over the next few months.   The Secret Network of Nature by …

The Wind That Lays Waste
Monthly Review

July 2019 Roundup

Only three books finished this month, started about thirty, but just don’t have the energy/inclination to read right now even though all the books I’ve started seem as though they will be really good. Also been working on other projects which has taken up a lot of my time along with trying to catch up …

Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise
Monthly Review

June 2019 Roundup

Nothing DNFed this month at all, another book from Japan and a stunning anthology of working class writers. Had a weeks holiday when I thought I would do nothing but read, amazingly enough I didn’t as food and sky/star watching got in the way. Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So …

The Last Spell Breather
Monthly Review

May 2019 Roundup

It’s been a good month for my reading this time, read some wonderful books across a lot of different genres and only DNFed one book! There were a few more but these listed below were all my four- or five-star reads. How To Be Right by James O’Brien. I’ve always found James to be a …

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