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Just going to expand something that was mentioned in this week’s newsletter.

After talking to a friend who specialises in design and content there are going to be a few changes in the way the projects are set out, especially the blogs and the way twitter is used.

Over the last two years I’ve been gradually gathering all the projects under one blog and twitter account, this one at and @IndieBookshopUK, mainly for my personal ease of use.

My friend said this was starting to look really busy and messy on the eye and made information harder to find, he then took me through the blogs and pointed all this out to me… Thanks 🤨

After thinking about all he said I started making notes on what I needed to do to clean things up and make the blogs easier to navigate and to share the information between them.

First thing I’ll be doing is removing practically all the non-indie bookshop information from this blog and looking at a possible re-design to make things clearer and the information easier to find.

Then I’ll be making sure that the other two website are up to date and only have information relevant to their ‘purpose’ on them.

So Big Bearded Bookseller will be my book blogging site, with me tweeting about it on @BigBookseller. So reviews, books I’m looking forward to reading, author q&a, and other book blogging posts.

Independent Publishers will re-focus on the world of independent publishing and will tweet from @PublishersUK.

This should make some clear space between the three bookish blogs though I will still retweet and share various bits of information between them.

All three will still share the same weekly newsletter and Instagram account

If you want to help and support this blog and my other projects (Indie Publishers and Big Bearded Bookseller) you could become a Patreon which would help pay for my hosting, domain names, streaming services, and the occasional bag of popcorn to eat while watching films.

If you can’t support with a monthly subscription a tip at my Ko-Fi is always appreciated, as is buying things from my Ko-Fi Shop.

You can always email me on with any suggestions.