15th September 2020

punkgirldiaries zine

By Indie Bookshops



I was sent the third edition of punkgirldiaries zine to have a look at and see what I thought (me being an old punk and all that).

I’ve always loved zines as a format and have been involved with a few in the 70s and 80s, the compactness, DIY-ethos, and the focus on a small, but significant to you, subject. What greater subject than punk.

First impression on opening the envelope was ‘badge!’, yes I’m that easily pleased, and have loved badges since the punk days, still having loads in boxes and drawers. Then it was ‘poster!’, these people really know how to keep me happy.

Once I had got over the giddiness of some nice merchandise I had a look at the zine itself, wonderful quality, colourful, and when I had a browse of the contents page looked packed full of great things, interviews, art, opinion pieces, all with that punk sensibility.

Some great articles, especially loved the interview with Fliss Kitson from Violet Violet, great insight into post-punk music in the 90s and how the DIY ethos was still rocking it. The interview with Lesley Wood brought back a lot of memories, loved them, but I also loved Penetration with Pauline Murray. A great selection of interviews supported with fun articles.

Loved the little Siouxsie bio (first saw them when Marco and Sid were in the band), the section about the sneer was great fun though too often was seen as though we could do nothing else, got a lot of grief for going to roller discos in 79, and that was very restrained article about Thatcher.

Overall a great punky zine that gathers great info and puts a new twist on it with great production value.

Well worth getting.

The website can be found @ www.punkgirldiaries.com

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