Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham

Five Leaves Bookshop

Five Leaves Bookshop

14a Long Row

Twitter: @FiveLeavesBooks
Telephone: 0115 8373097

One of the few independents to open in any UK city centre this century! Find us opposite Nottingham Tourism centre.

Five Leaves Bookshop stock is orientated towards independent presses, but we have a good representation of major publishing houses too. We like the reprint house Persephone, political publishers including Verso and Freedom, poetry publishers such as Carcanet and Bloodaxe, translation houses including Pierene and Pushkin Press, the landscape publisher Little Toller…

Our current best-selling sections include politics, landscape/cityscape, poetry and general fiction.

We ask all the bookshops to answer some questions from a selection and the bookshop chooses which to answer:

In their own words…

How did you come up with the name of your bookshop?

Five Leaves Bookshop

Five Leaves Bookshop

Five Leaves Bookshop began as the publisher, Five Leaves, in 1995 – the name was taken from my favourite album, Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake

Who are you? Owns the bookshop? Bit of a bio and pics, please

The bookshop is owned by Ross Bradshaw. Trained as a librarian and a community worker, he worked for 17 years in a previous Nottingham radical bookshop, Mushroom Bookshop, then as a secretary for a Labour MP and for ten years was Nottinghamshire County Council’s Literature Development Officer until the part time publishing “hobby” squeezed out the day job and became his living.

Do you mainly sell new or second-hand books?

New only

Do you think owning a bookshop has changed your life? How?

I opened the shop when I was 61, and it has given me lots of energy, focus and finally got me back into bookselling.

Describe your store in three words.

Independent, Radical, Literary

Where do you think the biggest change in book publishing will come from?

People leaving Amazon for ethical reasons, people supporting independent bookshops for the same reasons.

How do you reach potential readers/customers?

Word of mouth, email newsletter, social media, 100 events a year (normally)

How do you choose the books you stock?

I have a whim of Iron.

What is the best book-related gift you’ve ever received?

A first edition of Hosanna Man by Philip Callow, which was pulped for legal reasons with only a few surviving. It was not available for decades afterwards.

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