Rising to the Challenge

I had been watching the Covid-19 crisis unfold from the comfort of self-isolation.

Watching bookshops, publishers and others rising to the challenge and offering other/extra service for those that were self-isolated, those that needed extra help, and to try and keep themselves going as viable businesses.

There had been many posts on social media, I had dutifully reposted those and commented on some, but it wasn’t until The Snug Bookshop suggested that an interactive map showing the locality of independents offering extra services would be a good idea that I realised I could do more.

Here’s a Google map of independent bookshops, publishers, freelancers, creatives, and other businesses that are trying to help and need help to keep their heads above water.

If you want added to the map, please use the Contact form on this site

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29 thoughts on “Rising to the Challenge

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  2. Hi Stephen
    Please can you add my 2 indie bookshops? Both shops are called Bridge Bookshop. One is on the beach at Port Erin, Isle of Man and the other is in the town of Ramsey on the Isle of Man.
    Many thanks
    Angela Pickard
    Bridge Bookshop

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  7. Stephen,

    Thanks for your interactive map and service to the literary community! It would be greta if you would add One Tree Books, in Lavant Street, Petersfield, please. A welcome independent bookshop that knocks spots off the chain outlets. Thanks, Simon Elliman

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