Where Do We Go From Here?
Where Do We Go From Here?
Where Do We Go From Here?

In the first twelve months of this blog I’ve added 1100+ bookshops to the bookshop list, made three Twitter lists for bookshops/publishers/events, written 186 blog posts, had over 10K blog visits, tweeted over 10K times and now have over 5000 followers on Twitter. I’ve been really enjoying the ride as well, meeting and chatting to lots of lovely bookish people.

The next twelve months have more to come, I will still be concentrating on filling out the independent bookshop lists and map, but there will be a redesign of the list where each bookshop will have a highlighted section with address, speciality, and web links, plus a small description (this info will all be added to the google map as well rather than relying on the automatic information google supplies.)

I will do the same for the independent publishers and the bookish events pages, these two will also have a google map for ease of use.

I will also be developing regional checklists for bookshops so you can explore a region/country/area and check the bookshops off, this will use the information that I will be putting on the updated bookshop list/map, eventually I will also be developing bookshop trails where you can go round a nice walk/drive of different bookshops.

I’ve purchased a podcasting headset and have been experimenting with podcasting, do you ever get over hating the sound of your own voice? I will keep practicing and listening to myself before I put anything out there. I also have to decide on the format for the podcast.

This was one I had added to the first list of plans I had and it is still there, but I still really dislike the sound of my own voice so we will see if this will change over the next period.

So looking forward to the next twelve months!

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