The Deathless Girls

A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already read and think you should be excited for). Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all included.


The Testaments
The Testaments
  • The Testaments (9781784742324) by Margaret Atwood
    A long-awaited return to Gilead.

  • After the Flood (9780008319557) by Kassandra Montag
    Sounds similar in concept to The End We Start From by Megan Hunter, looking forward to comparing.

  • Doxology (9780008323486) by Nell Zink
    On my #20BooksForSummer list and so looking forward to it.

  • Will and Testament (9781788733106) by Vigdis Hjorth, translated by Charlotte Barslund
    Dark and compelling, another must read for me

  • The Confession (9781509886142) by Jessie Burton
    I’ve loved both of her books so far and won’t be missing this ope.

  • World Engines (9781473223172) by Stephen Baxter
    One of the best hard SF writers with a possible alien discovery story.


Burning Down the Haus
Burning Down the Haus
  • A Bibliography of Loneliness (9780198811343) by Fay Bound Alberti
    A beautiful front cover, and an interesting concept

  • Lee Miller (9781916041646) by Ami Bouhassane
    Looks like it will be a nice introduction the Lee Miller and her work.

  • Judith Kerr: The Illustrators Series (9780500022153) by Joanna Carey
    Especially apt, a look at this wonderful artists work

  • The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company (9781408864371) by William Dalrymple
    Looking forward to seeing which way this tale goes

  • Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion, and the Future of Clothes (9781789546064) by Dana Thomas
    A look at the fashion industry and how it can move forward to a less exploitative and more sustainable model.

  • Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall (9780349701318) by Tim Mohr
    A fascinating story of the East German punk rock movement.

  • Tales of the Troubled Dead: Ghost Stories in Cultural History (9781474417372) by Catherine Belsey
    A historical survey of ghost stories and their influences.

  • The Secret Life of Books (9781783964581) by Tom Mole
    Looking at the way books shape our lives.


The Girl Who Speaks Bear
The Girl Who Speaks Bear
  • The Night’s Realm (9781788450430) by Nick War
    What do you when you’re trapped in the realm of night, and you’re terrified of the dark?

  • Uki and the Outcasts (9780571342792) by Kieran Larwood
    Another book set in the Five Realms, where Kieran brough Podkin to life.

  • The Atlas of Amazing Birds (9781843654063) by Matt Sewell
    I’m such a sucker for maps and birds, so together is brilliant!

  • Gangster School: Gruffles and The Killer Sheep (9781999863388) by Kate Wiseman
    I really, really want to read this and the previous two, the AI had me laughing.

  • The Girl Who Speaks Bear (9781474940672) by Sophie Anderson, illustrated by Kathrin Honests
    Loved House with Chicken Legs and have heard nothing except good for her next book.

  • The Deathless Girls (9781510106741) by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
    Everything Kiran has written is brilliant, not much more to say

  • Mythologica (9781786031921) by Steve Kershaw, illustrated by Victoria Topping
    This looks a completely lavish who’s who of Greek mythology.

  • Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue (9780192771650) by Paula Harrison, illustrated by Jenny Lovlie
    A chapbook about a superhero with cat powers for children 5+

  • The Girl and the Dinosaur (9781408880524) by Holly Hughes, illustrated by Sarah Massini
    The art work looks beautiful and dinosaurs!.

  • The Battle for Perfect (9781474964371) by Helena Duggan
    Zombies in Perfect, loved Helena’s first two books in the series.

  • Tilly and the Lost Fairytales (9780008229900) by Anna James
    Looking forward to where Anna takes the story of Tilly and Oskar.

  • Money for Beginners (9781474958233) by Eddie Reynolds & Matthew Oldham, illustrated by Marco Bonatti
    The Politics and Business books in this series were brilliant and I’m looking forward to reading this one.

  • Anatomicum (9781787414921) by Jennifer Z. Paxton, illustrated by Katy Wiedmann
    The Welcome to the Museum titles have been some of my nephew’s favourite non-fiction books, this looks like he will love it as well!
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