A Pocketful of Stars

A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already read and think you should be excited for). Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all included.


Widow's Welcome
Widow’s Welcome
  • The Nickel Boys (9780708899410) by Colson Whitehead
    Sounds as though this will be another hard read but hopefully as excellent as his debut

  • The Need (9781784742843) by Helen Phillips
    This sounds amazing, absolutely wonderful premise ‘A profound meditation on the nature of reality…’

  • The Art of Dying (9781786896698) by Ambrose Parry
    Loved ‘The Way of All Flesh’ and looking forward the the sequel.

  • Widow’s Welcome (9781789542486) by D K Fields
    Love SFF thrillers/mysteries, and I really like the cover art.

  • Broken Ghost (9780224097932) by Niall Griffiths
    An exploration of personality and reaction to the unknown.

  • Adrift in the Middle Kingdom (9781999944872) by Jan Jacob Slauerhoff, trans. David McKay
    Set in 1920’s China from one of the most important Dutch-language writers.

  • The Shape of Bones (9780241964880) by Daniel Galera
    A story of returns and absolution in the backstreets of Brazil

  • The Little Snake (9781786893871) by A L Kennedy
    This sounds intriguing, joyful and moving.

  • Widow’s Welcome (9781789542486) by D K Fields
    Sci Fi detective stories are always worth a punt

  • Pig Iron (9781526611185) by Ben Myers
    I’ve only come to Ben through Gallows Pole and want to read more


Confessions of a Bookseller
Confessions of a Bookseller
  • Confessions of a Bookseller (9781788162302) by Shaun Bythell
    A continuation of the diary of ‘Dairy of a Bookseller’.

  • My Name is Why (9781786892348) by Lemn Sissay
    His poetry is stunning, now his own story is here.

  • A Taste of Scotland’s Islands (9781780276007) by Sue Lawrence
    Tasting the islands sounds like such fun.

  • Fierce Bad Rabbits: The Tales Behind Children’s Picture Books (9780241354780) by Clare Pollard
    As a children’s book seller I’m always interested in literature about this area.

  • Shell Life on the Seashore (9780571354450) by Philip Street
    Reissued with all the care and love that was given to ‘The Pebbles on the Beach’

  • The Tailor of Ulm (9781786635549) by Lucio Magri
    I’ve been waiting for a while now for this to come out in paperback


My Hair
My Hair
  • My Hair (9780571346875) by Hannah Lee
    Celebrating hair, lots of different hairstyles.

  • A Pocketful of Stars (9781405293198) by Aisha Busby
    A time-slip story for a young girl, will be reading this really soon.

  • The Demon World (9780141375410) by Sally Green
    I really enjoyed ‘The Smoke Thieves’ and have been patiently waiting for the next part of the story

  • The Switching Hour (9781407195049) by Damaris Young
    Stunning sounding story of a strong young woman intent on saving her brother from the supernatural

  • This is Gus (9781509854356) by Chris Chatterton
    Gus does look extremely grumpy…

  • Aphra’s Child (978092661473) by Lesley Glaister
    A YA Fantasy set in mythical Scotland, full of intrigue and division
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