Now that the Christmas retail and boozing rush is over I can get on with the plans for 2019 to grow the blog.

There is still a list of over 1000 independent bookshops to add to the map and blog, this is being done as quickly as I can but I seem to find two new ones for every one I list which though making the map comprehensive also makes the task quite daunting.

There are about another 100 events to add at the moment, and I’m still looking out for more to add, so if you know of any festivals or other bookish events please let me know.

I’ve purchased a podcasting headset and have been experimenting with podcasting, do you ever get over hating the sound of your own voice? I will keep practicing and listening to myself before I put anything out there. I also have to decide on the format for the podcast.

The 24 Shops of Christmas was a success and there was a lot of activity on the blog through these with a lot of click-throughs to the shop’s websites, this year though I will be putting the shout out for participants in October.

There are another couple of features in development which once I’ve fleshed them out a bit will be announced.

So keep an eye out for the blog being fleshed out and new features.

Have a great 2019!

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