A Pinch of Magic

A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already read and think you should be excited for). Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all included.


The Spirit of Science Fiction
The Spirit of Science Fiction
  • The Spirit of Science Fiction (9781509851928) by Roberto Bolano
    An interesting premise from the author of 2666.

  • The Dreamers (9781471173561) by Karen Thompson Walker
    People start sleeping, but not waking up. A catastrophe seen from personal perspectives.

  • The Familiars (9781785766114) by Stacey Halls
    Historical fiction set in the North of England during early-17th century Witch Trials.

  • Black Leopard Red Wolf (9780241315545) by Marlon James
    I just received this through the post and want to read it now, but have to finish seven other books first

  • Blood Orange (9781472252753) by Harriet Tyce
    Everyone else has this at the moment and I’m so jealous

  • The Beauty of the Wolf (9780008217358) by Wray Delaney
    Beauty and the Beast in Elizabethan England, with a twist.

  • The Priory of the Orange Tree (9781408883464) by Samantha Shannon
    High Fantasy with dragons and a gorgeous cover

  • Ban Sithe (9781911129363) by Sara Bain
    Myth-based psychological horror.


Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia
Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia
  • Another Planet: A Teenager in Suburbia (9781786892553) by Tracey Thorn
    I don’t read biographies, but this is Tracey Thorn, one of the best musicians of the 80s/90s

  • The Discrete Charm of the Machine: Why the World Became Digital (9780691179438) by Ken Steiglitz
    A history/philosophy of the development of our digital age.

  • Crumb (9780857835062) by Richard Bertinet
    Always up for a new bread book

  • The Map of Knowledge: How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found: A History of Seven Cities (9781509829606) by Violet Moller
    A history of ideas and the growth of civilisation.

  • Forest: Walking Among Trees (9781911595267) by Matt Collins & Roo Lewis
    I love nature books that have quite a narrow focus and this is focused on 10 tree families.

  • The Handbook of Bird Families (9780565093785) by Jonathan Elphic
    Advertised as the definitive guide to the world’s birds.


Against All Gods
Against All Gods
  • The Truth About Old People (9781509882267) by Elina Ellis
    It might actually explain me to me…

  • A Pinch of Magic (9781471124297) by Michelle Harrison
    Eerie marshes, prisons, cruel curses, this is really my cup of tea.

  • On the Origins of the Species (9780141388502) by Sabina Radeva
    I remember this when it came out on Kickstarter, lovely to see it hitting shops this year.

  • The Light in the Night (9781471173264) by Marie Voigt
    Loved ‘Red and the City’ so well inclined to get this sight unseen

  • Sam Wu is Not Afraid of the Dark (9781405287531) by Katie and Kevin Tsang, Nathan Reed (illus)
    The third in a great, fun series. Sam is not afraid of anything, even Werewolves!

  • Against All Gods (9781911077008) by Maz Evans
    The last in Elliot’s adventures with the Greek Gods, the darkest of all, with Maz’s characteristic humour.

  • Enchantee (9781509895977) by Gita Trelease
    Historic fiction with a dark magic twist, Paris and revolution.
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