Henry Sotheran's

Henry Sotheran's
Henry Sotheran’s
Welcome to Henry Sotheran’s, who can be found at 2-5 Sackville Street, Piccadilly.



Founded in York in 1761, established in London in 1815, Henry Sotheran Limited has a long and distinguished history.


For over 250 years we have been offering unsurpassed opportunities to collectors and enthusiasts, from the purchase of the libraries of Laurence Sterne in 1768, and Charles Dickens in 1870; the complete stock and copyright of the ornithologist and publisher John Gould; to the successful bid in 1980 for the final draft manuscript of Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selbourne, bought on behalf of the Gilbert White Museum.

Henry Sotheran's
Henry Sotheran’s

Our premises just off Piccadilly in the heart of London’s West End are spacious and elegantly appointed, and we welcome regular clients and passers-by alike to wander in and browse our stock in a relaxing and convivial atmosphere.

We asked all the bookshops to answer three Christmas questions:

1. What is your favourite Christmas book?
Our favourite Christmas book at the moment is ‘Compliments of the Season’, a beautifully illustrated history of the Christmas card from 1947. It’s part of the King Penguin series which was a lovely library of little books on all sorts of subjects, like Ladybird Books for adults.

2. What books should we look out for this December? Adult fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction

Henry Sotheran's
Henry Sotheran’s
We’re antiquarian bookdealers and so we’re not really the people to ask for new book recommendations! Having said that, Ali Smith’s ‘Winter’ is a wonderful new book that somehow combines a state-of-the-nation novel with the comic tale of a dysfunctional family Christmas. However, I’ll be reading M.R. James’s magnificent ghost stories this year – first told to his Cambridge colleagues on long Christmas nights, these are best read with a fortifying brandy by the glow of a comforting fire.

3. Have you any events going on in December?
Our Christmas Fair, including the launch of our Japanese Winter Landscape exhibtion, is on from 1pm until 8pm on 6th December 2018. We’ve got bubbles provided by the exciting new prosecco brand The Emissary, an in-house calligrapher and, from 6pm. music by the marvellous Bookshop Band – they sing sings about books, in bookshops.

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