Brooks Pinner
Brooks Pinner
Welcome to BrOOKS Pinner, who can be found at 44 – 46 Bridge St, Pinner.

BrOOK’S is a curious haven stocking a broad range of book genres to appeal to the local community. It is a destination of choice for customers to buy a book, meet a friend, drink a good coffee, celebrate an occasion, attend a literary or wine event or join a book club.

Brooks Pinner
Brooks Pinner
BrOOK’S is primarily an independent bookshop with the interior design established to accommodate various book genres including fiction, travel, arts, local interest, children, young adults, and biographies and more.

There are lots of places to sit, on a high bar stool with a glass of champagne or on one of the sofas for a cosy chat with a friend. Learn more about the BrOOK’S experience here.

We asked all the bookshops to answer three Christmas questions:

1. What is your favourite Christmas book?
How to Hide a Lion at Christmas by Helen Stephens

2. What books should we look out for this December? Adult fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction
Adult fiction: Middle England – Jonathan Coe
Adult non fiction: Forest Bathing Retreat by Hannah Fries

Childrens fiction: Pages & Co: Tilly and the Bookwanderers by Anna James
Childrens non fiction: Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different by Ben Brooks

3. Have you any events going on in December?
A free poetry event (and open on Sundays)

5th December – The Wear and Tear of Conversation – Poetry by Charlotte Harker and friends

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