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New Books

New Books
New Books
I know this looks a bit bare right now but I’m still in the process of getting all these newsletters off the ground and I wanted to get this list up and running.

Eventually each listing will link to the author’s page/twitter/facebook and the publisher, but for the moment welcome to some upcoming books I’ve seen and been told about.

November 2021

The ABC of the Projectariat – Kuba Szreder – Manchester University Press (23/11/21)
Why Food Matters – Paul Freedman – Yale University Press

December 2021

Writing Nowhere – Rowan B. Fortune – Cinnamon Press (06/12/21)
Fall – West Camel – Orenda Books (09/12/21)
Anti-computing – Caroline Bassett – Manchester University Press (14/12/21)

January 2022

The Tower at the End of Time – Amy Sparkes – Walker Books (06/01/22)
Daughter of the Moon Goddess – Sue Lynn Tan – HarperVoyager (20/01/22)
Dark and Magical Places – Christopher Kemp – Profile Books (20/01/21)
The Wolf’s Song – Saviour Pirotta – Maverick Arts Publishing (22/01/22)
The Maid – Nita Prose – HarperCollins (22/01/22)
Home – edited by Christian Wiman – Yale University Press

February 2022

Britain Alone – Liam Stanley – Manchester University Press (22/02/22)
Clockwork Magpies – Emma Whitehall – Northodox Press (24/02/22)
I Am Not Your Eve – Devika Ponnambalam – Bluemoose Books

March 2022

A Gathering Storm – Tamsin Mori – UCLan Publishing

April 2022

Lief the Lesser and Hell – Robin Bennett – Monster Books
Northerners: A History – Brian Groom – Harper North
Hedgewitch – Sky McKenna – Welbeck Publishing (14/04/22)

September 2022

Mina and the Slayers – Amy McCaw – UCLan Publishing

Not sure but 2022

Melissa Lee Houghton Long Poem from Pariah Press

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