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Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday

I really, really look forward to a new book from Laura Ellen Anderson and Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday kept up the streak of

Book Review

The Hollow Gods

I received The Hollow Gods from Netgalley for an honest review. Based in current day North America, it follows Kai, Miya, and Mason as they

Book Review

Kid Normal And The Rogue Heroes

In Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes we follow Murph, Hilda, Nellie, Mary and Billy in the continuing adventures of the Super Zeroes against an

Book Review

The Christmasaurus

This is the story about William Trundle, Santa Claus and The Christmasaurus. William’s mum had died a long time ago, so it is just William


Some A3 Press Titles

Received a lovely little package from A3 Press a while back now full of chapbooks, lovely little essays and all presented so well, from the

Book Review

Simply The Quest

Well, in the second book of Maz Evans series we find out that it is not only QEII that has an interesting skill set, the

Book Review


Now, it’s not unknown but it’s rare, very rare that I rate a sequel higher than the first book in a series, but I really

Book Review

Night Speakers: Sleepless

This is the first Ali Sparkes book I’ve read and after this I will definitely be looking for more. In Sleepless three children from different