Sonny and Me book cover

Sonny and Me – Review

I was given this copy from a friend at Cranachan Publishing as part of the blog tour, the first YA novel for this small Scottish publishing house. Right from the start the two main characters, Sonny and Daughter, have such a distinctive voice I actually forgot I was reading a book at times. I raced […]

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Lowborn – Review

I first heard Kerry talk at a Vintage Roadshow at Forum Books, Corbridge before Christmas, this didn’t put me off though 😉 and I was really fascinated by the concept of Lowborn. Earlier this year I went to another Vintage Roadshow and was pleased to be able to pick up an advance copy of this. […]

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Meddling Kids

Meddling Kids – Review

Scooby Doo meets Cthulhu, with a smattering of Evil Dead. I had great hopes for this being a rollicking read with loads of adventure an chthonic mysteries, and do you know what? It delivered! Ancient evils, intelligent dogs, creepy old people, friendly local sheriff, First Nation character, and reformed Jock, it had it all and […]

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The Power

The Power – Review

Naomi Alderman’s novel ‘The Power’ is a well-deserved winner of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction 2017. Naomi takes the idea of a change to which gender holds the reins of power and moves it along logical lines to a logical outcome, the end of the book gives this logical progression a wonderful twist. One […]

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