The Titanic Detective Agency

The Titanic Detective Agency – Review

Though the story does come with a well-known ending, The Titanic Detective Agency explores the story of the Titanic from a different angle. This is the story of Bertha and her dreams, travelling from Aberdeen to America she has to fill her time and sets up the titular detective agency. Mysteries, treasure maps, friendship, and […]

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In the Mouth of the Wolf

In the Mouth of the Wolf – Review

I know it’s been a while since my words worked well in writing but it’s time to start putting my reviews out there once more. I read this about a month ago now and have been looking forward to it coming out so I could recommend it to more people. This story follows the life […]

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Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic – Review

Magic in mirrors, alternative worlds, doorways through mirrors. All these topics had me so interested in this book when it arrived. I wasn’t disappointed, this was read in a day. Funny, fresh and exciting! Claire’s world is one set in the late 19th century where our world has separated from the magic a few hundred […]

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Who Let the Gods Out

Who Let the Gods Out? – Review

In this debut novel by Maz Evans we find Elliot caring for his mum who has an undisclosed mental health problem, and finding it hard to balance everything, well after all he is only 11. When Venus (yes, the constellation) comes down to complete a job that she really isn’t qualified, things take a turn, […]

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