Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Sharks

Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Sharks – Review

Another great read from the team that wrote and illustrated Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts. The writing is clear and funny, with really energetic illustrations to accompany and flesh-out the story. A fun adventure that explores ideas of bravery and friendship. Sam, Zoe and Bernard, along with other family members and pets get […]

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The End We Start From

The End We Start From – Review

This is the first time I’ve come across the term cli-fi when describing a genre of fiction, I’ve usually classified books I’ve read about climate change disaster as speculative fiction, but cli-fi is much better. This story follows the female protagonist through a sudden climate incident which sees London, and by inference, much of the […]

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Scythe – Review

Scythe is set not far into our(?) future where death has been conquered. Want to look and feel 21? Get your body clock set so you are physically younger than your grandchildren. Science and society have progressed to such a stage that there are no famines or diseases, massive injuries can be healed, small injuries […]

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Beetle Boy

Beetle Boy – Review

Follow the adventures of Darkus and his friends, Virginia and Bertolt, as they search for his dad who has gone missing from a locked room in the Natural History Museum. They are joined along the way by Darkus’ Uncle Max and some even more amazing friends, that help in the fight against the evil Lucretia […]

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