Amelia Fang and the Half Moon Holiday

Books for March 2019

A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already read and think you should be excited for). Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all included. Fiction A Ladder to the Sky (9781784161019) by John Boyne I’ve heard nothing but good about this from other […]

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The Woman in Black

The Woman In Black – Review

The Woman in Black has always been a book that has been floating around my head as a book to read, talked about, mentioned when a good ghost story was required, but that I had never read, not even after the film with Daniel Radcliffe in it. This blog gives me an excellent excuse to […]

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Two Can Keep a Secret

Two Can Keep a Secret – Review

I’m not a big reader of mysteries or thrillers, the ones I’ve read in the past have seemed to rely on body horror and shock to progress the story line. So it was with some trepidation I approached this story by Karen M McManus, though I knew her first book had great reviews and this […]

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