The Maze

The Maze – Review

Whenever there is a Laurence King book available as a reading copy I jump at it, as their products are always beautiful and so readable, and this was no exception. I’ve always been fascinated by mazes and labyrinth from the moment I read the Theseus and the Minotaur story and would insist on visiting one […]

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Scythe – Review

Scythe is set not far into our(?) future where death has been conquered. Want to look and feel 21? Get your body clock set so you are physically younger than your grandchildren. Science and society have progressed to such a stage that there are no famines or diseases, massive injuries can be healed, small injuries […]

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Who Let the Gods Out

Who Let the Gods Out? – Review

In this debut novel by Maz Evans we find Elliot caring for his mum who has an undisclosed mental health problem, and finding it hard to balance everything, well after all he is only 11. When Venus (yes, the constellation) comes down to complete a job that she really isn’t qualified, things take a turn, […]

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The Snow Spider

The Snow Spider – Review

It is on Gwyn’s ninth birthday when his Grandmother gives him an assortment of strange objects and tells him he could be a magician. It was on Gwyn’s fifth birthday when his sister, Bethan, went missing. For those four years his father has blamed Gwyn for Bethan’s disappearance, but so has Gwyn. Jenny Nimmo’s classic […]

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