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The Book of Imaginary Beings

The Book of Imaginary Beings – Review

In 2018 (and still continuing now) I had set myself a challenge to read more books that were seen as

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Reunion – Review

For such a small book it packs a large punch. I only discovered this novella recently when I saw someone

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The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

The Legend Of Podkin One-Ear – Review

It’s a bit cliched and I don’t often say it, so here goes. This is an instant classic and will

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Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic – Review

Magic in mirrors, alternative worlds, doorways through mirrors. All these topics had me so interested in this book when it

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The Wolf and the Watchman

The Wolf and the Watchman – Review

Gritty, full of shit and piss, dark and twisting. This is my favourite book of 2019, at the moment. As

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The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist – Review

I was hooked from the very start, the detail in this book would match the detail of the Miniaturist. This

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Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts – Review

The first in the Sam Wu series, and I of course have read number two before reading this one, but

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The Mystery of the Colour Thief

The Mystery of the Colour Thief – Review

Izzy is beset by a lot of problems in this story, her mum is in a coma in the hospital

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The Maze

The Maze – Review

Whenever there is a Laurence King book available as a reading copy I jump at it, as their products are

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The Last Children of Tokyo

The Last Children of Tokyo – Review

This was another book that I saw on the trolley as I was shelving and was instantly fascinated by the

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Two Can Keep a Secret

Two Can Keep a Secret – Review

I’m not a big reader of mysteries or thrillers, the ones I’ve read in the past have seemed to rely

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The Whispers

The Whispers – Review

I received an advanced copy of this from Penguin and was so happy when it arrived. I had been hearing

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Bookworm – Review

What a wonderful read. I remember that feeling of cracking into a new book with utter pleasure and drifting away

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