What is Poetry?

What is Poetry? – Review

Let’s just get it out of the way at the start – I love Michael Rosen. There I said it. ‘What is Poetry’ is one of the funnest books on poetry I’ve ever read, it seems to be aimed at a young audience, probably middle-grade readers. This doesn’t stop me from saying that this book […]

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The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow – Review

The story of Subhi, a Rohingya boy born in an Australian immigration detention centre, Subhi knows no other life apart from the stories that his mother has told him. Fraillon’s writing is tight and travels between the mystical land inhabited by Subhi’s imagination and the brutality of the life in an immigration centre. The friendships […]

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The Beautiful Side of the Moon – Review

First off before my ramble gets into overdrive I want to say that I read this book in one sitting, it actively forced me to sit there and read it until I was finished. A mixture of sci-fi, psychedelia, high-magic, street-magic, hallucination fever, and as vivid an imagination as I’ve read for a long time. […]

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The Secret of Nightingale Wood

The Secret Of Nightingale Wood – Review

This debut novel by Lucy Strange begins with a setting similar to ‘The Railway Children’ by E. Nesbit. It is set in the early 20th century and in a country setting reminiscent of ‘The Railway Children’, with a change in family home, with a similar family make up, and an unspoken tragedy at the centre […]

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Charlie Changes into a Chicken

Charlie Changes into a Chicken – Review

I was given a copy of this by Puffin in exchange for a review, and it’s always a relief when you can give a positive review 😉 Charlie McGuffin is nine-years old and pretty ordinary, except for one thing. He changes into different creatures. Through the book we follow Charlie on his adventures and discoveries […]

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