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I’ve always been fascinated by finding things on the shoreline whether they be old things discarded by humans, natural objects shaped by the sea, or

Book Review

My Sister, the Serial Killer

I’m not usually a thriller/crime reader but I was persuaded to read this as I was told the audiobook was excellent and since I was


punkgirldiaries zine

I was sent the third edition of punkgirldiaries zine to have a look at and see what I thought (me being an old punk and


14 Golden and Autumnal picture books

I love this time of year, I love that definite signing of the changes of the seasons. I do love Spring as well, that freshness,


August update

This month has been a good month for reading including actually enjoying audiobooks for the first time, it’s also been a good month for my

Book Review

The Goldfish Boy

Matthew is the last person to see Teddy before Teddy goes missing, can Matthew solve the mystery of the disappearance? Only one major difficulty stands

Book Review

Dead Girls

How do you review a book so hauntingly horrific dealing with such a violent subject, do we talk about content, writing style, translation, presentation? I

Book Review


Famished is the second book centred around food that I’ve read this month, though this one couldn’t be more different from the other, a tantalising