Strong Words Magazine
Strong Words - Issue 33
Strong Words – Issue 33

Strong Words Magazine is offering a discounted annual subscription for my followers and newsletter subscribers.

The subscription offer is: the whole year for £45 (that’s nine issues that retail for £6.95) plus a free back issue. The code for this offer is INDIE22 added when you get to the payment subscription page.

I was sent a copy of Issue 33 to see what I thought of the magazine and the format.

Strong Words Magazine is a dedicated book review magazine that comes out nine times a year, and generally has about 100 reviews per issue.

Amazingly all the reviews are done by one person, Ed Needham, I did think this may have been the case as the voice was consistent throughout the magazine.

It makes a change to see a magazine dedicating about 74 pages to writing reviews about books (OK it has a little bit on news and the writing process). The different sections changed the focus of the reviews and included author interviews, long reviews, themed sections, and small reviews.

I found the overall tone of the magazine light and friendly and the reviews were spoiler free but gave enough information on the book to base decisions on.

A really good read with a nice tone.

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