9th July 2021

Topping and Company, Edinburgh

By Indie Bookshops

2 Blenheim Place
Telephone: 0131 546 4202
Website: www.toppingbooks.co.uk
Twitter: @ToppingsEdin
Facebook: @ToppingsEdin

It was with great pleasure that I was able to visit Topping and Co in Edinburgh not long before the first lockdown as part of a little jaunt I had to look at some bookshops in my old home town.

Topping is set up in an old bank just up from where my Gran used to live (Typewronger is at the bottom of the block they actually lived in) and I remember that area with some fondness.

The ground floor of the building has a wonderful central display case of signed and valuable books and I spent quite a while just lusting over several editions and it took quite a bit of will power to leave these and venture upstairs.

It was well worth it, the first floor is full of little rooms (the old offices) crammed with books floor to ceiling and sitting places, coffee station and very attentive staff.

I spent a good hour just exploring these rooms and left with a couple of books of poetry and some cards.

Looking forward to visiting again, hopefully soon.

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