8th June 2021

McNab’s Books, Barnard Castle

By Indie Bookshops

11-13 Market Place
Barnard Castle
County Durham
Dl12 8NF
Telephone: 07547931296
Website: www.mcnabsbooks.com
Twitter: @McNabsBooks
Instagram: @mcnabsbooks
Facebook: @McNabsBooks

Barnard Castle is one of our favourite stretches out from Darlington, some great shops and places to eat, and the incredible Bowes Museum.

So it was great to see the old Curlews bookshop get an update and be linked to the cafe next door now all called McNab’s.

Due to lockdown though we weren’t really travelling a lot but got the chance a few days ago to visit, and it has changed a lot! No more looming bookcases that seemed to lean over you filled with second-hand books. The whole inside seems to have been opened out and lightened making it a great place to sit with a cake (which was huge and tasty) and a well-made cup of coffee whilst perusing the books.

Had a lovely chat with the owners and their plans sound really fun, so keep an eye out on their website for more info.

I’m also glad to report I found a second-hand copy of Robert Silverberg short stories whilst there which took me right back to my teens.

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