Alnwick Station,
NE66 2NP
Telephone: 01665 604888
Instagram: barterbooksuk
Facebook: @barterbooksalnwick

Whenever we go to Edinburgh up the A1 Alnwick is a convenient break to stretch the legs, there is no way that the call of the cakes and books at Barter Books influences our decision at all…

It is always a pleasure walking into Barter Books, the sounds and smells are so familiar it’s like a big hug. The model train chugging along above all the books, the smell of cakes and food wafting along, and that inimitable smell of old books.

There is such a collection but I always go straight to the SFF (science fiction and fantasy) section to see if they have any books of the series I’m after in the editions I’m after and I’m usually not disappointed.

Then after successfully purchasing another book it’s coffee and cake before we set off once more.

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