12th January 2021

Literally A Bookshop, Wallasey

By Indie Bookshops


Literally A Bookshop can be found in Wallasey, almost at the tip of the Wirral peninsula looking out into the Irish Sea.

They can be found selling old and new books opposite the New Brighton train station.


Literally A Bookshop
12 Atherton St
New Brighton
CH45 2NY




How did you come up with the name of your bookshop?
Our shop is called Literally A Bookshop.

When we told friends we were opening a bookshop the inevitable response was “Literally A Bookshop?” It seemed as good a name as any.

Who are you? Owns the bookshop?
Our bookshop is a storytelling bookshop. Our storyteller’s chair is made with driftwood from the beach at the end of the street. I am a storyteller known as Tugboat Cath (because I have a tugboat) and my other half is Peter Grant who, as a well respected journalist has spent most of his adult life sharing stories.

Where are you?
Our shop is in a small row of shops opposite New Brighton station. New Brighton is across the Mersey from Liverpool at the tip of the Wirral Peninsula, on the edge of Liverpool Bay.

We like to celebrate local myths and legends.

What makes your bookshop special?
We are both good listeners which is at least fifty percent of what we do in the shop. Our customers love to tells us tales. Storytelling is catching.

Do you stock a variety of genres or do you specialise?
We specialise in unusual local books, vintage children’s books and anything that puts a smile on your face.

What is your favourite childhood book?
My favourite childhood book is probably Ladybird’s The Elves and the Shoemaker.
(From the 1960’s)

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