LJ Ross
5th November 2020

Read Write Walk North East

By Indie Bookshops
LJ Ross

LJ Ross

I received a press release over the weekend and have been dying to share it with you all!

LJ Ross, yes that LJ Ross, has launched an initiative to support the North East through these difficult times and into the future. Celebrating and recognising the area as a culturally important region.

In this initiative there are going to be multiple programmes, all related to and based in the North East, and all sound absolutely brilliant. There’s a brief description of each below but for more information visit her website at ljrossauthor.com

Literary walking trails
Walks where you follow the footsteps of DCI Ryan. But with more, GPS linked to your smartphone. Hopefully you won’t find any grisly remains, but these will take you around the North East and help boost local communities.

Northern Photography Prize
Now, I’m actually going to be entering this, a prize for photographs celebrating the North East. Landscape and portrait categories, all again through LJ Ross’ Dark Skies Publishing arm.

Lindisfarne Prize for Crime Fiction
This has been going on for a couple of years and will continue, with submissions for 2021 open already.

Lindisfarne Children’s Prize
This is new for 2021 also, a prize and celebration of young writers in partnership with schools in the North East.

Lindisfarne Reading Challenge
An extension of the pilot of a reading scheme developed to help disadvantaged teens, encouraging them to read books that they want to read and supporting their choices.

Dark Skies Community Fund
This is a bit of a biggie, a fund to help North East small businesses to have a bit of breathing space and do something active to respond to what’s happening.

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