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As part of the development of the individual posts for each bookshop on the list I will be sending out the questions that I asked on the ‘Browse A Bookshop’ feature to all bookshops on the list. I’m going to rehash the pages of the bookshops who’ve already responded to fit into the new format …

Book Review

The Girl of Ink and Stars

In ‘The Girl of Ink & Stars’, Kiran creates a believable world inhabited by believable characters. The story starts as though it is going to be historical fiction set on an island in an imaginary tropical ocean, but as it progresses the mystical side of the island and their inhabitants start to develop. A convincing …

After the War

Bookshop Newsletter #3

Bookshops Newsletter Publisher Offers | Author Offers | New Releases | One You May Have Missed 17th July 2020 News Bluemoose Books are offering an additional 5% off all orders of over 10 books. So if you want to stock up on wonderful books such as Leonard and Hungry Paul, Moss House, and Sloop please …

Publisher Profile

Questions for Publishers

The ‘Publisher Profile’ feature is kicking off once again, there are already a few publishers who were part of this earlier and I’ll be updating and expanding their info first. Each post will have contact information, some blurb, images, contact details, website, etc. I’ll be using public information for this, but if you want to …

Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday
Book Review

Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday

I really, really look forward to a new book from Laura Ellen Anderson and Amelia Fang and the Half-Moon Holiday kept up the streak of fun adventures that are great to read alone or to children. The Rainbow Rangers idea was brilliant, we all remember summer camps, some with love, others with less love and …