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Pirate’s Bookstore, Modesto, USA

435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350, USA Pirate’s Bookstore is a non-profit college bookstore serving the Modesto Junior College community since 1942. Its goal is to complement the academic pursuits of the students, faculty and staff of Modesto Junior College and surrounding community. Pirate’s Bookstore stocks textbooks, college supplies, apparel, and snacks. Website: Facebook: …

The Promise Witch

Bookshop Newsletter #1

Publisher Offers | Author Offers | New Releases 22nd March 2020 News Simon and Schuster have just launched their fabulous Picture Flat BOGOF via email to support Indie Booksellers for a 6th year in a row! Just check your inboxes for details. 26 Indie Summer favourites at EXTRA SPECIAL terms! Just contact them for more …

Mailing List

Mailing List

Recently I’ve been able to forward quite a few offers for signed bookplates and other things for indie bookshops through the twitter account and this is great but doesn’t reach a lot of people. I’ve also become increasingly frustrated with some publishing houses and how their adverts for new and upcoming books only have one …

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