2020 and Such Things

Lilliput Lyrics
Lilliput Lyrics

As some may have noticed there has been a downturn in the number of blog posts on here over the last couple of months, December is mainly due to illness and the retail madness that is Christmas, but before that I had been concentrating on several other projects to the detriment of this one.

There was also a period of depression and anxiety that had made it impossible for me to feel that anything I was producing had any worth, and it also meant I couldn’t even bring myself to read as everything had too much level of threat, this seems to have abated at the moment.

So working through my domains and thoughts these are projects I have on the go at the moment:

Book Buddy
I will continue to host and manage this website growing the map as and when there are schools wanting to be added, looking for opportunities to publicise it and get more Buddies.
Britain by the Sea
A photography and writing project embracing the fact that we are never that far from the sea, this is an as and when project.
This is a sort of catch-all domain where my ramblings and photography come together and sit in one place, adding stuff whenever the fancy takes me. All of my book, film and music reviews will be here. All of my art and photography will be here.
Indie Bookshops
This project is going to go through a bit of a refocus and redesign, focussing back on the bookshops and literary events, with the blog in the background. The site will be redesigned to take this into account. The indie publisher section will still be there but the main focus for that will be in
Indie Publishers
The main goal of this project is to highlight indie publishers but also to try and get Small Press Day (March 21st) embedded into the UK literary scene.

and possibly two or three others depending on the responses I get from other people.

This year will also be about me getting back to my photography and art.

I now have both a journal and a diary to help plan and log the work I do on all these projects and hopefully keep up to date with them all and their development.

Looking forward to the New Year with a renewed vigor and determination.

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