By Way of Explanation…

As you may have noticed there has been a distinct lack of output and interaction over the last couple of months, both on the blog and on social media.

I’ve read so few books that it actually feels as though I’ve stopped reading altogether.

This is in part due to my depression and anxiety, both of which are causing major problems at the moment, both of which have caused me to take a step back from most things until I’m able to feel balanced enough to put myself out there on display again.

The other part is that I may have spread myself a bit too thin on trying to sort all my various projects out at the same time rather than getting one up and running then starting another, this is also being looked at right now.

Medication, talking, and time are doing wonders, enough so that I’m able to talk about it in public now.

Hopefully back up to speed soon as I have 10 days off doing nothing starting on Sunday and I will be concentrating on myself and my mental health.