The Christmasaurus – Review

The Christmasaurus
The Christmasaurus

This is a story about William Trundle, Santa Claus and the Christmasaurus. William’s mum had died a long time ago, so it is just William and his dad. William is really into Dinosaurs so there are many wonderful surprises for him in the book, and William’s dad is really into Christmas so there are many wonderful surprises for him also.

It follows them through a series of adventures and peril, including run ins with The Hunter, and Brenda Payne who is the meanest girl at school.

Tom writes with great humour and kindness throughout the book, keeping the pace sharp and on point, the level of peril is not so high as to put off younger readers, but this is a great book for all.

There are wonderful illustrations throughout the book, that really enhance the story, capturing the whimsical nature of Tom Fletcher’s writing in graphic form.

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