Month: July 2019

Book Review

New Suns

This is one of the first books I requested from NetGalley and I’ve been so remiss in getting reviews done for the books I’ve requested

Book Review

The Gift Of Dark Hollow

The Gift of Dark Hollow is a wonderful follow-up to the first of the series, The Legend of Podkin One-Ear which was one of my

Book Review

Elizabeth & Zenobia

It’s actually been a while since I read Elizabeth and Zenobia and it still stands strong in my mind. A wonderful mystery with imaginary (?)

Browse a Bookshop

Ullapool Bookshop, Ullapool

The next shop in the monthly Browse a Bookshop feature is Ullapool Bookshop in Ullapool, all the way up in Ross and Cromarty (that’s the

Book Review

The Paninis of Pompeii

My nephew and I are such great fans of Mr Gum and Andy Stanton and when he found out there was a new book from

Publisher Profile

March Hamilton

March Hamilton is based in the South West of England and can be contacted through: Website: Twitter: @MarchHamilton Facebook: @MarchHamiltonMedia Instagram: @marchhamilton March Hamilton


Some A3 Press Titles

Received a lovely little package from A3 Press a while back now full of chapbooks, lovely little essays and all presented so well, from the

Book Review

The Owl Service

A children’s classic that has passed me by, along with so many others. It was reading Bookworm by Lucy Mangan that I’ve realised I have