Month: June 2019

Book Review

To Kill a Kingdom

Follow Lira and Elian in a adventure through Alexandra Christo’s fully-developed fantasy world which is based on a lot of different fairy tales and myths

Book Review

The Maker of Monsters

Another of a collection of books I was given by Oxford University Press Children for review, all of which have been great. We find ourselves

Book Review

Embassy of the Dead

Embassy of the Dead is a story of a misunderstanding, but a misunderstanding that drags Jake Green into the Embassy of the Dead in a

Book Review

Ghost Boys

Ghost Boys is another book I read a while back and am just getting around to reviewing. Jerome is 12, Jerome is black, Jerome is

Browse a Bookshop

The Second Shelf, London

The next shop in the Browse A Bookshop feature is The Second Shelf in Soho, one I’m so looking forward to visiting on my next

Publisher Profile

Fairlight Books

Fairlight Books is based in Oxford and can be contacted through: Website: Twitter: @FairlightBooks Facebook: @FairlightBooks Instagram: @FairlightBooks Telephone: 01865 957790 Fairlight Books has

Book Review

Tilly and the Time Machine

Tilly lives with her father, mum died a while back and Tilly’s perfect day would be to see her mum again. Dad is a sort

Reading Challenge


I’ve been finding it really hard to choose the next book I wanted to read as I have so (too) many to choose from and