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Beetle Queen

Beetle Queen
Beetle Queen

Continuing the adventures of Darkus, Victoria and Bertolt, ‘Beetle Queen’ is another wonderfully crafted book. Written by M.G. Leonard, illustrated by Elisabet Portabella and published by Chichen House Publishing, and as with ‘Beetle Boy’ the special edition has a decorated fore edge.

Lucretia Cutter has got away at the end of ‘Beetle Boy’ to continue here evil, dastardly plans and Darkus’ dad is concerned for the children’s safety and forbids them to investigate Lucretia further and wants them to stay away from their beetle friends. Circumstances unfold which makes this impossible and Uncle Max helps once the children and their beetle friends once more.

Humphry and Pickering were imprisoned and have become even fouler and more desperate, still adding to the danger that the children face, but they’re also fast becoming two of my favourite characters for their comic relief.

The story goes deeper into the motives of Lucretia and her plans for the world and how she uses beetles to achieve this. Novak, Lucretia’s daughter has a larger and intriguing role to play in this book, and Darkus’ dad gets to have a much bigger part in the story also.

Wonderfully written, well-paced throughout another great book by M.G. Leonard and I am so looking forward to the story’s conclusion with ‘The Battle of the Beetles’.



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