Ask yourself these questions applying them to work you’ve already done or to work you are about to do. Or even they could be used on other people, seminars, etc.

– have I made this work with the attitude of it being an experiment?

– what am I trying out? what is my intention in this experiment?

– do I already know what the result is going to be before I start?

– what have I discovered that I didn’t know before?

– in which elements do I see the new developments?

– what appeals to/ interests me in this piece that I can take and use to try to resolve in the next one?

– am I engaging with the work, wanting to know what will happen if…?

– is it challenging me? Where is the challenge?

– is the object/situation controlling me? (getting carried away with technique so you feel you’re busy, wasting time with self-imposed tasks you know are avoiding the right path, etc…) or am I in control?

– do I feel fear? In which elements do I see the fear? What can I change to get away from that state of mind? What could be my next intention to concentrate on so I don’t focus on the fear?

– am I judging myself or thinking that others are? What can I change to get away from that state of mind? Have I forgotten focusing on my intention?

– am I trying out or doing too many things in one go? How can I simplify my experiments? Perhaps I could make several pieces out of this too complex one?

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