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The Island At The End Of Everything

The Island at the End of Everything
The Island at the End of Everything

Based on a real island in the Philippines, Kiran tells the story of Amhi, The Island at the End of Everything a young girl who’s mother is Touched (has leprosy). Different from her previous story ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ in that it doesn’t have a fantasy element, it shares the beautiful storytelling style that Kiran uses.

The island has traditionally been the home of the Touched and their families and though there are difficulties the families are together, but the Philippine government changes policy on this as wants to separate those with leprosy from those without.

This story follows what happens when this policy is implemented by people who don’t seem to care about the individuals but more about themselves. It also follows Amhi as she becomes caught up in this policy change and the trials she has to suffer, in a way there are similarities with ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ here, a young girl separated from her one parent, having to deal with difficulties as she overcomes this separation.

Another beautifully written book by Kiran, and again I have to say well done to Chicken House Publishing for producing another quality product.



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