That Long!

That Long!
That Long!
Yes, that’s right, it’s been a year since I got the Twitter account and domain to start on this journey.

As soon as I got those I promptly froze and didn’t touch either again until August of last year (2018) as the initial idea behind the domain changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

I had a long think about what I wanted to do and came up with a searchable map and directory of indie bookshops worldwide seemed like a good idea. I started putting information on the site and tentatively tweeting about it in early August and had a really positive response.

Since this initial burst I’ve added my book reviews to the site, a directory (soon to be map) of indie publishers, had a bookshop advent, monthly book previews, started a Publisher Profile feature, and am just about to start a Browse a Bookshop feature.

In the future I’m looking to add a bookish events calendar to the blog, videos of bookshops, events and awards, and start a podcast. Though with the videos and podcast I’m finding it difficult to get past hearing my own voice…

The support and enthusiasm I’ve had from the bookish community has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to going forward and getting more information on the site and getting more people enthused about local, independent bookshops.

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You can always email me on with any suggestions.