A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already read and think you should be excited for). Fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books are all included.


  • Wakenhyrst (9781788549561) by Michelle Paver
    A new thriller from one of the best ghost story writer ever.

  • Doggerland (9780008313364) by Ben Smith
    A debut set in the North Sea on a wind farm on top of the lost European land bridge.

  • The Confessions of Frannie Langton (9780241349199) by Sara Collins
    A Gothic-novel about a double murder and slavery.

  • The Unnatural Death of a Jacobite (9781912147618) by Douglas Watt
    I’ve not read the series yet, but this makes me want to read the other three now.

  • The Crying Machine (9780008308773) by Greg Chivers
    Smugglers, spies, extremists, and A.I., all add up to a book I want to read.

  • Other Words for Smoke (9781789090086) by Sarah Maria Griffin
    I really enjoyed Spare and Found Parts, and a talking cat swung it.

  • A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising (9781789091885) by Raymond A Villareal
    A début containing socio-political satire threaded through a vampire epidemic, sounds really interesting.

  • Circe (9781408890042) by Madeline Miller
    I missed this when it came out in hardback, always lovely to get a second chance

  • Machines Like Me (9781787331662) by Ian McEwan
    Britain lost the Argentine war, Turing develops AI. So want.

  • All My Colors (9781785658570) by David Quantick
    Quirky and darkly comic, does the book that this person remembers actually exist?


The Gentle Art of Tramping
The Gentle Art of Tramping
  • Medieval Bodies (9781781256800) by Jack Hartnell
    Medieval illustrations and art of the body should be beautiful and striking.

  • The Honey Bus (9780263936988) by Meredith May
    An enticing read about growth, survival and nature.

  • The Science of Storytelling (9780008276935) by Will Storr
    Historical and social look at storytelling and its importance.

  • The Ecology Book (9780241350386) introduction by Tony Juniper
    A colourful DK book exploring 85 key ideas that define ecology.

  • Sensations: The Story of British Art from Hogarth to Banksy (9781786272973) by Jonathan Jones
    A look at the development of a distinctly British style of art, that developed into Realism and Modern Art.

  • Lumberjills: Britain’s Forgotten Army (9780750990905) by Joanna Foat
    Strange how the forgotten armies always seem to be women’s part in war efforts.

  • The 100 Best Children’s Books (9781903385982) edited by Brian Alderson
    It’s always fascinating to see these lists and see how you agree (or not) with them.

  • Extraordinary Insects: Weird. Wonderful. Indispensable. How They Run the World (9780008316358) by Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
    It couldn’t be more apt, with the extinction of insect life predicted for less than a hundred years from now.

  • The Gentle Art of Tramping (9781448217243) by Stephen Graham
    A dream from a time gone past, or is it?

  • Outpost (9781786891556) by Dan Richards
    Wildness, out of the way, untrammelled. These places hold a fascination for us all.

  • Abandoned Places (9780008333331) edited by Richard Harper
    I have a photogaphic project on abandoned places and always want to see how other people interpret this


Big Cat
Big Cat
  • Pog (9781911490395) by Padraig Kenny
    I loved Tin, and this dark fantasy sounds like a great follow up.

  • Matisse’s Magical Trail (9780192767264) by Tim Hopgood and illustrated by Sam Broughton
    A fun book about an artistic slug.

  • We Are Blood and Thunder (9781408898055) by Kesia Lupo
    Magic is outlawed, a mage is on the run.

  • Big Cat (9781843654018) by Emma Lazell
    Sounds fun and surrealism in illustrated books is always welcomed.

  • My Little Book of Big Questions (9783791373768) by Britta Teckentrup
    A beautifully illustrated philosophical book for children.

  • Lightning Mary (9781783448296) by Anthea Simmons
    A fictional account of Mary Anning, the fossil hunter.

  • Scar (9781407172866) by Alice Broadway
    The finale of the INK trilogy, really want to find out how it all ends.

  • What a Waste (9780241366912) by Jess French
    An ecology primer in an illustrated format, start early.

  • The Brotherhood of Shades (9781912818037) by Dawn Finch
    A post-apocalyptic story of secret societies and the dead rising.

  • Dear Ally, How Do I Write a Book (9781408354872) by Ally Carter
    A great guide on how to write a book aimed at teens
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