Beetle Queen

Beetle Queen – Review

Continuing the adventures of Darkus, Victoria and Bertolt, ‘Beetle Queen’ is another wonderfully crafted book. Written by M.G. Leonard, illustrated by Elisabet Portabella and published by Chichen House Publishing, and as with ‘Beetle Boy’ the special edition has a decorated fore edge. Lucretia Cutter has got away at the end of ‘Beetle Boy’ to continue […]

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The Island at the End of Everything

The Island At The End Of Everything – Review

Based on a real island in the Philippines, Kiran tells the story of Amhi, a young girl who’s mother is Touched (has leprosy). Different from her previous story ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ in that it doesn’t have a fantasy element, it shares the beautiful storytelling style that Kiran uses. The island has traditionally […]

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Tin – Review

Follow the ragtag band of mechanicals as they search for Christopher, who has been abducted by someone who wants to discover his deepest secrets. Throughout this gripping adventure, set in an England of alternative 1930s where mechanicals (robots) are common, there is a huge nod to ‘The Wizard of Oz’, a curmodgeonly wizard, evil witch, […]

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The Beautiful Side of the Moon – Review

First off before my ramble gets into overdrive I want to say that I read this book in one sitting, it actively forced me to sit there and read it until I was finished. A mixture of sci-fi, psychedelia, high-magic, street-magic, hallucination fever, and as vivid an imagination as I’ve read for a long time. […]

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My Feelings Exactly

Seeing Myself in Children’s Fiction

Growing up in the 60s and early 70s on a decidedly working class estate on the south edge of Edinburgh, where all the traditional industries that sustained the community had disappeared, I never saw myself in children’s fiction. I was fortunate in that I had my Nan who encouraged me to read and read widely […]

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