The Stripey Badger

The Stripey Badger
The Stripey Badger
Welcome to The Stripey Badger, who can be found at 7 The Square, Grassington.

Situated in the Dales village of Grassington, The Stripey Badger is an independent bookshop, coffee shop and kitchen. Feel free to drop by for a warm welcome, good food and a book to read!

We asked all the bookshops to answer three Christmas questions:

1. What is your favourite Christmas book?
Reindeer’s Nosy Christmas

James the Gentleman
James the Gentleman

2. What books should we look out for this December? Adult fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction
December Adult Fiction: Washington Black; Ben Miller the Night I Met Father Christmas and The Debatable Lands.

3. Have you any events going on in December?
Grassington has the Dickensian Festival 1/2nd December and 8/9th December and there is a special Christmas Reading in the Stripey Badger Bookshop on 15th December – 11am for under 5’s and 2pm for over 5s.

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