Book Corner, Saltburn

Book Corner, Saltburn
Book Corner, Saltburn
Welcome to Book Corner, who can be found at 24 Milton Street, Saltburn.

Book Corner is an independent bookshop situated on Milton Street in the lovely seaside town of Saltburn, North Yorkshire.

We specialise in contemporary fiction for adults and children. Our books include new releases in paperback and hardback, children’s picture books, young adult fiction, bargain books, and non-fiction.

We also stock a range of beautiful jewellery and gifts for book lovers of all ages.

We asked all the bookshops to answer three Christmas questions:

1. What is your favourite Christmas book?
I’m looking forward to revisiting ‘Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days’ by Jeanette Winterson. It was first published as a hardback a couple of years ago, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. This year they’ve published it as an equally gorgeous paperback. The stories have this lovely, mysterious quality to them.

2. What books should we look out for this December? Adult fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction

Book Corner, Saltburn
Book Corner, Saltburn
In adult fiction, I’m looking forward to reading ‘The Blue Salt Road’ by Joanne M. Harris. It’s a story of selkies, with beautiful illustrations by Bonnie Helen Hawkins. ‘The Toymakers’ by Robert Dinsdale is a wonderful historical novel about a magic toyshop, perfect for this time of year. ‘Fallible Justice’ by Laura Laakso is a great paranormal crime/fantasy debut. And I just love the new Barnes & Noble anthology: ‘The Phantom of the Opera and other Gothic Tales.’

In children’s fiction, I love ‘Little Hazelnut’, a lovely pop-up book which takes us on a journey through the seasons. ‘Through the Water Curtain & Other Tales from Around the World’ is an anthology of lesser-known fairy tales which would make a great gift for an older child. And, in YA fiction, I love ‘Theatrical’ by Maggie Harcourt. It’s about a young stage management intern, and is one of my favourite books of the year.

In non-fiction, I enjoyed ‘Help Me!’ by Marianne Power, a humorous and poignant book about self-help. I also love ‘The Diary of a Bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell. As well as being very funny, it offers real insight into day-to-day life running a bookshop.

3. Have you any events going on in December?
I’ll be holding late night shopping evenings on each Thursday in December until Christmas. The shop will be open until 7pm on these nights.

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