Slow Blogging

Slow Blogging
Slow Blogging
I was again starting to plan out an aggressive timetable of blog and social media posts to help me become a ‘successful’ blogger with a ‘successful’ blog. Filling all the metrics of hits, likes and client interactions.

These are the things the Internet and ‘people’ tell you are required to be a good and successful blogger.

I then suddenly realised that the only person I’m really blogging for is myself, and if others like or get some pleasure/use from what I wrote or post that is a wonderful bonus.

Even though there has been at least one post a day for most of December (24 shops of Christmas), I don’t expect to make a daily post, they will come when I have something to say or show, and hopefully will be all the better for it.

I have a lot of content and reviews to put on the blog but there may also be times when RealLife™ intrudes as I have to work 60-70 hours to make ends meet.

In January the blog will slow down to its usual pace of at least one post a week, some information about the bookshops and publishers added regularly, and if you follow me on Twitter (@IndieBookshopUK) you can hear me ramble on about stuff daily.

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