'Book Buddy' by Emma Reynolds
'Book Buddy' by Emma Reynolds
‘Book Buddy’ by Emma Reynolds

At the start of February Maz Evans (@MaryAliceEvans – the author of the wonderful Who Let The Gods Out series) started the #BookBuddy hashtag on Twitter in response to a deplorable lack of funding for books and libraries in schools,

Schools’ budgets are under unprecedented pressure, meaning that many schools are struggling to afford basic teaching materials – including books. Many schools are having to rely on the generosity of their staff, or PTAs (if they are lucky enough to have one) to provide their children with reading books.

The initial response from schools was enthusiastic to say the least, 100 signed up almost immediately and Maz matched these schools to donors and mediated this through Twitter.

I was one of those initial donors and offered to setup a website to continue the hard work that Maz had started, we had an illustration made for us by Emma Reynolds and have been going strong since then.

There are almost 700 schools signed up and the biggest job now is getting donors for those schools and to keep momentum up.

Book Buddy can be found at www.bookbuddy.org.uk

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