Kenilworth Books – Day 1 of the Advent

Enchanted Entrance
Enchanted Entrance
Welcome to Kenilworth Books, who can be found at 12 Talisman Square, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

“Kenilworth Books is a magical little place; it nestles in a small and lively town that sits right in the middle of the country. We have a large children’s section and plenty of fiction and non-fiction for adults, including a large section for maps and travel guides, and three bays of history (including local history, as you’d expect from a bookshop in an historic town!). We have sections too for Young Adult writing and for some of the most powerful and beautiful illustrated books being published today.”

We asked all the bookshops to answer three Christmas questions:

50th Birthday Party
50th Birthday Party
1. What is your favourite Christmas book?
My favourite Christmas book is The Last of the Spirits by Chris Priestley (Bloomsbury). It is a brilliant take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Priestley shows us the events again, but from we the view of two street urchins who are Ignorance and Want, the two wraith-like children revealed behind the robes of The Ghost of Christmas Present in Dickens’ novel. It’s beautifully written, intelligent and utterly fascinating.

2. What books should we look out for this December? Adult fiction, children’s fiction and non-fiction
Books to look out for this winter: Children’s: Dragon Daughter, by Liz Flanagan (David Fickling Books); adult fiction: Middle England by Jonathan Coe (Penguin/Viking); adult non-fiction: The Value of Everything by Professor Mariana Mazzucato (Allen Lane) and Children’s non-fiction: The Secret of The Egg by Micola Davies (Graffeg Books).

3. Have you any events going on in December?

Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris
Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris
Yes we have lots of events in December. But let’s focus on one: On 8th December we will have an evening’s chaired discussion about dragons in literature and illustration, with author, Dr Liz Flanagan and illustrator, Jackie Morris. It will explore the folklore, politics, natural history and literary history of dragons.

To find more details of other events go to their Facebook page.

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