The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Review

I found the point of view and voice that this was written in extremely difficult to get into, the first few chapters were hard going, but it was so worth the effort in perseverance. Written from the view of a stranger talking to a stranger at a Lahore café, we explore causes, betrayal, the American […]

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Behind Blue Eyes

Eyes are the door to the soul it has been said. So let us use these adjectives to describe eyes more fully to appreciate that. ablaze affixed all-knowing alluring almond-shaped amazed beady beautiful bewitching blank blind blinking bloodshot blue blue-eyed bright brooding brown brown-eyed bu-eyed bulging burning cat-like close close-set cloudy commanding compassionate cross-eyed dancing […]

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The Wolf Wilder

The Wolf Wilder – Review

A girl with a red cape, a boy soldier, a boy with an axe and, of course, wolves. This magnificent re-imagining of a classic tale written by Katherine Rundell and gloriously illustrated by Gelrev Ongbico is set in the snows of revolutionary Russia. This is the story of Feo (Feodora) who is a wolf wilder, […]

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The Ice Sea Pirates

The Ice Sea Pirates – Review

Set in a frozen North, not unlike the North of our world, in Siri’s North though there are Pirates, Mermaids and more. Frida Nilsson’s book follows Siri in her quest to rescue her little sister, Miki, who has been abducted by the notorious CAptain Whitehead to woerk down his diamond mine, just like all the […]

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