Month: November 2018

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Review

I found the point of view and voice that this was written in extremely difficult to get into, the first

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When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air – Review

I do have to admit that I put off reading this book for so long as I knew that the

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Apple and Knife

Books for December 2018

A monthly feature where I do a round up of the books I’m most excited to read (or have already

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The Snow Spider

The Snow Spider – Review

It is on Gwyn’s ninth birthday when his Grandmother gives him an assortment of strange objects and tells him he

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Tilly and the Bookwanderers

Tilly And The Bookwanderers – Review

I’ve got to be absolutely honest and say I really wanted this book as it looked so nice, and it

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Behind Blue Eyes

Eyes are the door to the soul it has been said. So let us use these adjectives to describe eyes

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Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball

Amelia Fang And The Barbaric Ball – Review

This is the first in the Amelia Fang series by Laura Ellen Anderson, and with a beautifully illustrated cover (shiny!)

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Bernard the Book Buddy Bear

Favourite Childhood Books

Across on we have just run a competition to win a BookBuddy pin and postcard, all people had to

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Three Types Of Editing

There are three different types of editing, from the macro to the micro. There is no set order for these

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The Way Past Winter

The Way Past Winter – Review

In an everlasting winter, sisters Mila and Pipa set out in search for their brother Oskar. Mila is certain that

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The Wolf Wilder

The Wolf Wilder – Review

A girl with a red cape, a boy soldier, a boy with an axe and, of course, wolves. This magnificent

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Sky Song

Sky Song – Review

This started as if it was a children’s classic, with an evil Ice Queen corrupting what used to be good

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In Iceland, books are exchanged as Christmas Eve presents, then you spend the rest of the night in bed reading

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A Murder of Crows

A Blag Of Booksellers

Collective Noun In linguistics, a collective noun refers to a collection of things taken as a whole. Most collective nouns

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