As part of expanding the scope of the Independent Bookshop project I want to begin podcasting and exploring the story behind Independent Bookshops and their owners.

The idea is when I visit bookshops around the UK (and eventually further afield) I will have professional and portable podcasting equipment for interviews and discussions.

The basic package I would like to source is:

* Zoom HS Recorder
* Sure SM58 Microphones (x2)
* Foam Windscreen (x2)
* XLR Cable (x2)
* Tabletop Mic Stand (x2)

It would be great if I could have this package up and running by the New Year (2019) so I can get started then.

This equipment would not only help me in this project, but in other projects I run, such as BookBuddy, a charity to help get books into school libraries.

This would be the start of a new direction for me and help me move into content production with a view to making regular podcasts and interviews.

If you want to help fund this please buy me a Ko-Fi.

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