5th September 2018

What A Response!

By Indie Bookshops


That was totally unexpected, I thought this would be a nice little project. Sleepy like, pootling along gathering information slowly and steadily.

Post the map and then Bam! I’m suddenly being retweeted by Michael Rosen, getting hundreds of likes and site visits.

With that there are hundreds of suggestions of other bookshops and lots of people being extremely positive and helpful.

This does probably mean that the site and information will grow at a quicker pace than I was prepared for, but I will step up and try to get information on as quickly as I can.

If you want to help we could do with some funds which would buy time where I didn’t have to do work for others but could concentrate on this.

I have a Patreon and a Ko-Fi or subscribe to the weekly newsletter which keeps you up to date with what’s happening.

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