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The Living Mountain
Book Review

The Living Mountain

I’ve had The Living Mountain sitting on my shelf for about five years now and for some reason just never got around to reading it, but now that I read a lot of children’s books I always like to read a more serious book as a sort of ‘palette cleanser’. On starting I was astounded …


What A Response!

That was totally unexpected, I thought this would be a nice little project. Sleepy like, pootling along gathering information slowly and steadily. Post the map and then Bam! I’m suddenly being retweeted by Michael Rosen, getting hundreds of likes and site visits. With that there are hundreds of suggestions of other bookshops and lots of …

National Poetry Day

Poetry Competitions

National Poetry Day is on the 4th of October and we feel like running a competition. Write a poem about Indie Bookshops (or book related subjects) and the winner will receive a copy of ‘What is Poetry?’ by Michael Rosen. There is no word count limitations, theme limitations, or anything to stop you from letting …

A Winter's Promise
Book Review

A Winter’s Promise

The cover image along with the brief blurb in the Bookseller already had me intrigued about A Winter’s Promise and when it came available to read I jumped at the chance. Set in a distant past the world has been shattered in a cataclysm called the Rupture and the world now consists of floating islands …